Men's Platinum Jewellery Designs | Men of Platinum


The Inspiration Behind The Collection

Bold Sculptural

Inspired By Urban Innovation

True to its name, this collection is a statement of individuality, its fluid texture, moulded to precision and seamlessly fitted together brings to life a palette that is aerodynamic, angular and futuristic. This creates an assortment that is full of bold, multidimensional, forms that use industrial contours as inspiration, understated yet reflective surfaces with matt lustre further accentuate each sharp angle and form. The end result is pieces that are true symbols of bold self- belief, perfectly complementing the men destined to wear them.

Dynamic Links

Inspired by Nuovo Classic

True character shines brightest when it is understated. This collection, with its intricately cut links and ergonomic fluidity, manifested by the handcrafted quality of each motif creates an infinite illusion of continuity, disrupted by the use of colour, matt surfaces or elevated forms, it is indeed a reflection of platinum's unique ability to make a subtle yet unforgettable impression. Not unlike the men this collection pays tribute to.

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