How to buy jewellery for grooms? Bookmark these trends

Over the last few years, men’s wedding jewellery has truly come on its own. Jewellery has now become a way for men to shine on their wedding day. Sure, men have been wearing chains and rings for many years, but when it comes to wedding jewellery, the new-age grooms aren’t afraid to experiment and go bold with royal-esque pieces. “Jewellery has always been an essential part of Indian weddings. It is one of those special occasions when men aspire to look and feel regal. Jewellery for men has now become trousseau essentials. Choices for men are expanding with the contemporary range of kadas, rings, bracelets as well as statement brooches, cufflinks and chains,” says Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited.
From contrasting necklaces to customised accessories, here’s how grooms can adorn themselves with statement jewels:

A kalgi is an accessory adorned on the groom’s safa or turban. Over the years, the trend of kalgi has become popular than ever and also adds a royal touch the turban. “Men are now more willing to experiment with jewellery. They are open to different metals and stones as they’re moving beyond the traditional confines of watches and wedding bands. We’ve had grooms asking us to design and make them jewellery pieces such as ‘kalgis,’ which are pieces worn on the turban,” says Sunil Datwani of Gehna Jewellers.

Be it a stellar piece or layered pieces, statement necklaces can add a royal touch to a sherwani. While minimalistic grooms can pick simple pieces and grooms who want to stand out can go for layered haars.

(Necklace by Gehna Jewellers)

Speaking on necklace trends, Sunil feels multi-layered necklaces have become quite trendy. “Multi-layered haars are also becoming more popular with grooms on their wedding day. This is actually a tradition descending from Indian Royalty and it is great to see them making a comeback,” he adds.

Men can also opt for pearls, points out Abhineet Boochra, Director, Sangeeta Boochra (jewellery). “Pearl malas are versatile and can be worn with many kinds of sherwani like embroidered ones, floral or monotone. It’s comfortable to wear and also helps to enhance the look,” he adds.

(Necklace by Mahesh Notandass)

For grooms who want to keep it subtle can choose brooches over necklaces for sherwani. They are versatile and go well with sherwani, suits and bandhgalas.

(Brooch by Narayan Jewellers)

Ketan Chokshi of Narayan Jewellers says, “Accessories like brooches can help to enhance the entire look and one should adorn it with the right balance.”

(Brooch by Mahesh Notandass)

According to Vandana Jagwani, Creative Director of Mahesh Notandass, traditional grooms can experiment with ornate brooches which can also double as a kalgi accessory. “An elephant brooch would also look great on the sherwani or the turban,” adds Vandana.

Buttons and Cufflinks
For a fancy look, men can add a sparkling touch to their outfits with jewelled buttons and cufflinks. In 2017, Indian skipper Virat Kohli made a case for gold buttons for his wedding reception outfit. His bandgala featured 18-carat gold buttons, which added a royal touch. “In today’s time, men adorn accessories made of gold and diamond, observes Ketan.

(Cufflinks by Mahesh Notandass)

For minimalistic grooms, Vandana suggests personalised cufflinks. “Monogram cufflinks which look elegant and also keep up with your style,” she adds.

(Cufflinks by Gehna Jewellers)

Rings & Bracelets
From silver and platinum to gold, men can experiment with different metals for rings and bracelets. While rings hold sentimental value, investing in bracelets or kadas can also go a long way. From wedding functions to everyday wear, these accessories can add a sparkling touch to festive outfits.

(Rings by Tanishq)

(Platinum kada From Men of Platinum by PGI)

Bracelet by Gehna Jewellers)

Thumb image: Aveer collection by Tanishq

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