How has being a man changed? Well, the definition of masculinity is ever-evolving. The alpha male has for centuries been what most men aspired to be. Being the protector, the provider, or the head of the family, these concepts were almost like an umbrella that commanded certain behaviour and attitude from men. These concepts came along with certain tangible markers of success like wealth and status. Today, people have different expectations from men – to be the sensitive guy, the smooth achiever, or being the feminist. These changing concepts and narratives have only left the perception of masculinity more confused.

Nevertheless, men continue to evolve and differentiate, constantly trying to stand out amidst the crowd. What’s more? Older symbols that were markers of success are no longer relevant. Today, he’s set different benchmarks of success that are beyond wealth and success.


Well, we came across a compelling campaign by Platinum Guild International – India, and it might have the desired answers. The company recently announced their foray into platinum jewellery for men and launched their campaign “Men of Platinum”, and boy it has our attention!

The campaign revolves around a new breed of men – who are defined by their character. A character so rare, it embodies a set of values that are equally rare and hard to live by. They hone values like courage to take risks, humility to ensure that they carry people along their journey of success, commitment to giving back to society, and persevere in the face of odds.

Take a look at this video by PGI wherein a man applies for paternity leave. Not something we hear of very often, right?

This ad film introduces us to Karan, a new father who rightfully asks his boss for a 3-month paternity leave, leaving his boss naturally surprised. (After all, which man do you know of has taken a “3 month off” from work for fatherly duties!). The video highlights the value of staying true to one’s beliefs, and the courage to hold your ground that only a few rare men display.

Another touching video from the same campaign highlights the core values of a true leader.

Watch it here!

How many men do you know would share the spotlight opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine? The man’s humility shines when he invites a bunch of people who shouldered the start-up risk with him to be part of this picture, fully acknowledging their role & the importance of carrying them along on this journey. This is sure to warm your heart, watch the film below

Platinum Guild International (PGI)

It is refreshing to know that men today want to be appreciated for these values and that’s the legacy they wish to leave behind. They aspire to lead a life of personal greatness, beyond the status defined by wealth alone. No wonder ‘platinum’ is the preferred metal of choice for this rare breed of men. Found in just a few places on the planet, it takes the hands of a select few craftsmen to turn this rare element that came to earth two billion years ago – into precious jewellery. Platinum is as rare as the values that define men of character- which is why they are called ‘Men of Platinum‘.

What according to you makes a Man of Platinum? Let us know in the comments section!

Reference Link: https://www.mensxp.com/brands/pgi/56964-we-spotted-this-campaign-that-sets-the-tone-of-masculinity-today-we-are-mighty-inspired.html