In the Men of Platinum campaign, the company equates the rarity of the metal with the strength of character

The campaign has been created by advertising agency Famous Innovations

New Delhi: The definition of masculinity is changing. Nowadays, it is often boxed into various archetypes, from the alpha male to the provider. Platinum Guild International India has launched Men of Platinum, where the company equates the rarity of the metal with the strength of character.

The campaign, created by advertising agency Famous Innovations, brings to light the emergence of a new breed of men, whose values define them. The ones who are seeking a greater purpose, stature and meaning in life, while choosing to build their own path while keeping their values intact.

In the first ad spot ‘It’s a girl’, a young employee is shown asking for full parental leave from his boss clearly stating that it is his equal responsibility to bring up the newborn. The second ad titled ‘Team Shoot’ features a young entrepreneur who insists on getting the magazine shoot for ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ done along with people who helped him realize his dream.

Sujala Martis, director, consumer marketing, Platinum Guild International, India said, “Platinum is as rare as the values that define men of character, which is why we call them Men of Platinum. Today’s man aspires to lead a life of personal greatness, beyond the status defined by wealth alone. Look at the success narratives around us – they display an extraordinary set of values. Today’s men want to be appreciated for these values and that’s the legacy they want to leave. Platinum is the preferred metal of choice for them.”

Through this campaign, PGI India brings to life examples of this new archetype – a man who holds these rare values dear and lives by them. This man understands how inadequate his journey will be without values such as perseverance, courage, humility, curiosity, authenticity or even the commitment to give back.

Raj Kamble, chief creative officer, Famous Innovations said, “Men of Platinum, if anything, is a tribute to men who define themselves and their actions by values and strict moral code. The idea is not just to define the man, but talk about the virtues that make him special. So the task was to create some really fresh stories about men who would justify these values and connect well with people.”

The integrated campaign is currently live. It is being promoted across television, cinema, print, digital, outdoor across markets for reach and frequency.