A lasting legacy is one that is defined by character. And there’s a breed of men that not only believes in this but also walks the talk with their values of kindness, compassion, perseverance, selflessness and courage.

These ‘men of character’ emerge victorious when faced with the moments where choices have to be made, they stand true to their values irrespective of the circumstances. The choices they make in their moments of truth define who they are & their character. Their rare and enduring qualities are akin to their metal of choice, platinum.

These are men who understand what truly matters and they’re courageous enough to demonstrate it with their actions & choices even during these trying moments. The world around us may be in a state of uncertainty, and our sense of purpose may be getting tested, but they embrace the core values we all need to imbibe today: becoming more empathetic and selfless humans especially in this year that has been riddled with challenges. They have met every challenge with resilience, never losing sight of what compassion can bring to tough times. They have in fact in these times changed what success means and looks like; they have redefined it.

Today, success means carrying people along, being compassionate, being kind, these men with their choices have displayed these very values and have emerged as rare. They are the new-age leaders that the current times call for.

To celebrate this powerful, unwavering yet sensitive side of masculinity, Platinum Guild International – India’s ‘Men of Platinum’ offers platinum jewellery for men, and applauds the value system of this modern breed that embodies the much-desired qualities of the pure and rare naturally white metal.

A marker that truly captures their being, platinum has become a fitting choice for men of character. Its meaningful design and futuristic appeal are what make it stand out. Platinum has an everlasting charm, is enduring and is 30 times rarer than gold. Added to it is the fact that platinum is one of the strongest metals in jewellery with a higher density than most. Naturally white, this metal holds on to its true colour through the passage of time, never losing form or shape through it. The appeal for platinum lies in the values that it stands for and innovative designs that are reflective of international trends.

For that reason, the ‘Men of Platinum’ collection features accessories that reflect the endurance and resilience of the wearer like no other. The metal has found favour with an increasing number of millennial men, owing to its design aesthetics and qualities that reflect the bigger picture of today. Not just that it is in sync with the progressive mindset of a unique breed of men and of their dominant beliefs.

During this festive and wedding season—that most of us are celebrating with our loved ones at home—men are finding these pieces a great fit. A symbol that is true to the narrative of our times. The metal is equal parts statement-making, timeless and elegant, as it strikes the perfect balance between minimal and meaningful.

Just like the men of character—who can also be called Men of Platinum—are you ready to take on the challenge and bring your resilient, empathetic, compassionate, selfless and courageous personality to the fore?

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This statement kada, with platinum cuboids stacked closely together, represents a man who knows the worth of every brick in the wall. This piece of wrist-wear honours his ability to make the sum greater than its parts and is a reminder to carry others along with him as he makes way through challenges.

This bold pendant, crafted in rare platinum, carries a pattern of successive elevations, a reflection of resilience. The perfect complement to one’s perseverance, which doesn’t bow down to any situation. This rare quality is mirrored in platinum’s ability to hold its shape year after year, because of the metal’s inherent strength.

This sleek platinum bracelet comes with an unexpected fabric link, a reminder that solutions to the most difficult problems are often found through innovation. Men of character choose the strength of platinum as they pave their way through difficult times using it as an opportunity to adapt, innovate and continue on their journey forward.

Classy and rare, Men of Platinum is the true match for a man of platinum values. To shop the collection, click here.

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